5 Beginner Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

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Like many others, I started blogging as a way to journal my thoughts, struggles and triumphs. Shortly after having my second child, I decided to start writing again.  It was then that I realized the incredible potential blogging held. Since I already had an existing blog I thought it would be easy to transition it to what it is today. However, it’s not as simple as  changing up categories and picking out a new theme. There are countless little and not so little tasks that go into blogging that I just wasn’t aware of.  I’m sharing my top 5  beginner blogging mistakes.

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1. Stop researching and just start writing

When it comes to blogging, you will never know enough. Researching is great for beginners but just as important (if not more) is to just start writing! Getting your content on your site is more important than reading the thousands of articles geared towards newbie bloggers.

This one is a biggie for me. I  would’ve written at least 10 posts during my first 3 or 4 months of blogging had it not been for me falling down the online rabbit hole of blogging knowledge. If you want to spend some time reading and absorbing all you can – cool. Here’s a time-management tip: set a timer and stick to it. Shoot for 30 minutes a day (depending on your schedule). Use these 30 minutes wisely because when your times up – it’s time to write some content!

2. Start your Pinterest page early

No matter your niche, Pinterest can be a great source of traffic for your blog.  I completely underestimated the power of its referral potential.  Over the last couple years more and more bloggers are coming to realize that a good portion of their traffic is coming from Pinterest. In fact, I shouldn’t even be writing this post. I should be creating a DIY post about Trace’s Gone Fishing 1st Birthday Party. That pin has received over 16,000 impressions since I pinned it!

If you’re ready to start on your Pinterest page, I would read A Beginner’s Guide to Improving Your Pinterest Strategy  over at the Soccer Mom Blog. She has some great tips when it comes to Pinterest and your blog.

3. Create a Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Don’t under-estimate the power of social. In fact, brands will expect that you have presence on all these platforms.  Having these pages established will be essential to promoting your content. However, be careful and don’t get sucked in! Don’t worry about followers or fans. If you are a beginner, these numbers can be discouraging. It takes time and consistent work to build up your audience. Don’t give up! Just get your pages established and share your wonderful post for the world to see!

4. Focus on one or two ways to monetize your blog 

There are many ways to make money blogging. Most sites make money by ads, sponsored content, affiliate links and selling products.  You can even sell products or services. Honestly, the sky is the limit. The right way to monetize a blog for one person, may not be the right way for you. Pick one or two and spend some time developing that channel. Overtime you will realize what  works for you.

Truth is, it’s hard to make money with no traffic. How do you get traffic? By writing and promoting your little heart out!

Ready to start making money?  Make Money Blogging is a great resource if you are beginning to think about how to monetize your blog.

Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link but I’ve vetted the content and wouldn’t share anything with my readers that I haven’t used or purchased myself. 

5. Set attainable short-term goals

Instead of spending hours reading articles and scouring the internet,  create at least 3 goals for your blog. Creating these short-term goals will help you feel accomplished and motivated. TRUST ME! It took me 2 months to figure this out. I was doing  a bunch of everything while getting a bunch of nothing done. Some examples of easy short-term goals can be:

  • Come up with a consistent post schedule – It can be one post a week or one post a day. Whatever it is, make a goal and stick to it.
  • Weekly goals – This really helped me climb out of the dark blogging hole. I would set 3 simple goals a week. Some of them were: create Facebook page, post 2 photos to Instagram, optimize at least 2 past posts for SEO.
  • Write at least 4 blog post a month

I’m sure there are more than these 5 beginner blogging mistakes which I’ve listed, but these are the ones that really affected my progress during my first 4-5 months.  Keep writing and sharing your content. What are some lessons you’ve learned during your first year blogging?


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Disclaimer: Affiliate links are included in this article. 

February 17, 2017
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  • Reply Jeanine

    Jessica I absolutely love this post!! I have wanted to start a blog for ever and while I still have not figured out what in the heck it would be about because I’m so Random I did fall down that rabbit hole of research A while back and just gave up on the thought of doing it. Still not sure it’s something for me but this was super helpful in just cutting through all of the research out there and motivating yourself to get started doing something you are passionate about!!! Thanks for sharing all that you have learned! Love your heart girl! Xo

    February 18, 2017 at 3:35 pm
    • Reply Jessica

      Oh my goodness….yes, researching is great and all but it can be such a time waster! I think if you just start writing eventually a “theme” will start appear. I’m still trying to figure that out for myself – Lol 🙂 Thanks for reading!

      February 20, 2017 at 3:05 am

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