A Second Opinion Can Save Your Life

As October comes to an end, I felt it would be a dis-service for me not to post something regarding “Breast Cancer Awareness”.  This is more like advice versus awareness. Actually this advice goes for everything health-related. Getting a second opinion can save your life. It saved mine.



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Before getting into that I need to explain my reason for the quotes in my first statement. Talk to any breast cancer survivor and I promise most of them will tell you the same thing. They do NOT like the “pinking” of October.  Let me ask you a simple question.  Are you aware of breast cancer? Pretty sure you are. Now what? Does that mean you will diligently do self-exams every month? Maybe. Maybe not. This is a huge money-maker month for various breast cancer charities and foundations. Some put all the funds towards research and prevention. Others, do a real crappy job of that. I’ll save the rest of my rant for another post on another day.

Point is, to us survivors – we are aware of it every single month. We all should be “aware” when it comes to our health and bodies.  When I approached my doctor about the lump,  she was very quick to tell me that it was probably nothing and not to worry about it. “Your young!” she said. To ease my mind she ordered an ultrasound which came out “negative”.  A very close friend and family member urged me to get a second opinion.  Thank God I did. My greatest fear was confirmed throughout that second opinion – I had breast cancer.

The bottom line is that a second opinion can save your life. For this reason I feel compelled to share this article, “A Breast Cancer Survivor’s Life Saving Advice”. It’s my advice to all women. If I can save at least one life through this article, then my journey would be worth it.

Note:  Read about about my entire diagnosis (and mis-diagnosis).



October 31, 2016
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