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A Reminder for Parents Who Had a Bad Morning

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Sometimes it takes someone else’s story to bring you to your knees. Open your eyes and thank God for everything thing that you have. Right then – in that crazy morning moment. I’m sure you had a bad morning. Maybe you have them a few times a week. The kids are whining, you can’t find your keys, one shoe went missing or maybe your 14-year-old lab went pee in the living room again.

Before complaining about your “bad morning” or putting it on blast, think about this:

You woke up! You are able to get out of bed. Meanwhile, there is a Mom who is too weak to even help her kids get ready for school. She would take your worst day over her everyday.

She would love to help that little human that never listens and looses every – single – thing. Every – single – morning. What she would give for just one day with no pain or the reminder that her days are short.  She would spend the rest of her life helping them find shoes and backpacks if it meant that she could see them off to college.

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February 6, 2017

5 Decluttering Ideas for a Peaceful and Neat Home

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Decluttering tips

Post-holiday season brings me a major desire to simplify and declutter.  Seeing a bunch of junk, too many clothes, messy cabinets or a playroom vomiting toys makes me moody and anxious. Hopefully this doesn’t paint the picture of a home that is always tidy because that is so NOT the case. But I did notice that since having my second child these “messy clusters” contributed to my stress so I took action!

The result – I started to declutter our living space. Below are my top 5 decluttering tips that have made this non-organized momma and her house a little more peaceful and simple.

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January 23, 2017

Meaning Behind Rebel Soul Mom

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I finally officially changed the name of my blog. Pink Lemons and Rainbows served its purpose.  It helped me document a journey no one should take, yet many do. My blog needed to evolve alongside me as I practice the lessons I’ve learned along the way. I want to introduce you to Rebel Soul Mom. It took months and many weeks of brainstorming names before going back to one of my original 5 options (4 months later). Even my husband was helping me come up with names. Which ended up helping me figure out what I did NOT want my blog to be called. I say that with mad love.

How did I come up with Rebel Soul Mom?

It started with me jotting down iterations of adjectives that truthfully did not describe me. That quickly led me to words that actually DID describe me, my parenting style and creative flair. Words like misfit, simple, edgy, creative, hot mess, graceful mess (this one was already taken or it would’ve been #1) are honest representations of who I am. The words fringe, grace, soul and mess eventually led me to Rebel Soul Mom.


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January 13, 2017