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Easy Halloween Slime and Eyeball Sensory Bottle

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easy halloween activities for kids

These two Halloween activities are EASY and great for toddlers. When it comes to holidays and special occasions, I’m all about the crafts and art projects! Normally, we do this with friends over but life has filled our weekends up so I opted to do these on a day when my daughter stayed home sick from school. The Halloween slime was my daughters idea and the halloween sensory bottle was to keep my 2 year old away from the slime.  Plus, it’s a fun way to incorporate some learning and sensory activities.

Witchy Halloween Slime

If you’ve banished all slime for your home like I have, you can just go on to the sensory bottle activity. Trust me, I understand. At first I allowed slime in the home, then only in the garage, then only outside. Eventually, I banned slime altogether because it always made it’s way inside the house and my daughters version of “cleaning up” didn’t mesh with mine.  She was home sick on this particular day and I knew making this Halloween slime would magically make her feel a little better.

Slime Supplies needed:

  • 1/2 cup of Elmer’s White Glue
  • Acrylic pant (we used purple to make it “witchy”)
  • 2 tbs shaving cream
  • 1/4 cup Water – add on more as needed
  • Tide Detergent – start with 1 tablespoon; not all detergents work well for slime
  • Medium size bowl
  • Note: this is also the order in which you prepare the slime.

Other Optional Supplies:

  • Add-ins: googly eyes, glitter, spiders
  • Vinegar* this is optional, but not really. Vinegar is your saving grace to get slime out of clothes, carpet, etc.


Halloween Slime For Kids



  1. Add 1/2 cup of Elmer’s white school glue and 2 tablespoons of shaving cream into bowl. Mix well and add acrylic paint. I don’t like to use food coloring because it tends to stain. Optional: You can add in a few drops of your favorite essential oil after mixing in the acrylic paint.
  2.  Slowly add a 1/4 cup of water. Then add your detergent (or contact solution) about 1 Tablespoon at a time and mix.
  3. Keep adding a little more detergent and mixing until your slime begins forming into a ball-like form. You’ll notice this is when it starts to turn into slime and becomes less sticky. It will begin coming off the sides of your container and sticking together. This is Gianna’s favorite part!

Halloween Sensory Bottle (With Creepy Googly Eyes)


Halloween Sensory Activities


  • Water  bottle (I picked Gatorade because of their large mouths and orange caps)
  • Vegetable or Baby oil (you can also use corn syrup)
  • Red food coloring
  • Yellow food coloring
  • Water
  • Electrical tape

Halloween add-in options:

  • Googly eyes
  • Orange glitter
  • Spider rings
  • Eye ball bouncy balls
  • Halloween confetti
  • Beads 


  1.  Fill up your bottle a little more than halfway with warm water. I went ahead and added the glitter at this time.
  2.  Then add 1 drop of red food coloring and 3 drops yellow food coloring. Put the lid back and shake until your water turns orange.
  3. Next, add your oil until you reach the neck of the bottle.
  4. Once the liquids are combined, add your creepy googly eyes and anything else you have on-hand that would make this fun for the little ones. Trace has a love/hate relationship with spiders, so I added a few of those to the bottle.

Sensory Learning Ideas:

Sensory play is a hands on way to expose little ones to the world around them and allow their curious brains to make  connections with everyday things. Math: You can ask your little one to count how many spiders they see. Language: Since Trace is starting to form sentences, I asked him to describe what he sees in the bottle. This is also good for receptive language where you ask questions and they respond.  Colors: This helps them learn and identify colors.

Hope you try some of these!  Happy Halloween!




Halloween Slime Easy


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October 25, 2017

Trace’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 2nd Birthday Party

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Mickey_mouse_party_cake ideas

It’s hard to believe that my little monkey is now officially a toddler!  Trace turned two last week and we celebrated his birthday with a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party. I love all things Disney so this was definitely a fun party to plan.  Since we were just coming back from our vacation, I needed to plan something that was simple but perfect for my little man.  This was probably one of my most simple but favorite parties that I’ve done for the kids. Thanks to Pinterest, I found some really cute and fun Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas!

I wish I had a blog back when Gianna was younger so I could document what she was into. I may just have to pull those pictures together and create a separate post for each theme. I just remember being sad when the princess phase was over.

When it comes to parties, I tend to completely fall down the dark rabbit hole, commonly known as Pinterest. My daughters first 3 or 4 birthdays were a crazy but beautiful testimony of that. The pressure to have the best looking or unique party favors has (somewhat) subsided. Truth is, I love to do these for my kids. Some may think they are too young to understand. I don’t believe that. They are too young to remember, but my son completely understood the Mickey Mouse decorations and amazing layered cake.

His eyes lit up when he first walked into the room. Which was then followed by him shouting a cluster of words that I couldn’t quite fully understand. I did hear, Mickey some where in there!  His party was perfect and while I felt completely flustered for a couple of hours leading up to it, I would totally do it all over again.


This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission.                            


Shop all these cute Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas:

This is an easy and inexpensive  theme to do.  I think I spent under $100 and this includes balloons, table covers (3), Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, happy birthday banner, Mickey Mouse silicone mold and supplies for my DIY decorations.


Cute Mickey_Mouse_Birthday_Party Ideas


 Cookie Cutter: Amazon, $8.90  | Kitchen Tongs: Amazon | Black & White Polka Dot Table Cover: Amazon, $5.15

Brown Party Favor Bags: Amazon, $14.99 | Polka Dot Straws & Black Vinyl Mickey’s: Amazon, $12.99

  Happy Birthday Sign: Etsy, $15 | Streamers & Balloons: Amazon, $11.90




Favorite Foods:
My moms’ rice & beans (and sometimes mine)
Dried cranberries
Annie’s fruit snacks

Silly things:
Hides in a corner to do his business,
If you’re not listening or looking to him then he will take his hands and put them on your check, turning your head towards his

Makes funny noises with his mouth to make us laugh
LOVES a good Happy Birthday song

Favorite things:
Soft plush blankets
Mickey Mouse
Any tools (but prefers the real deal)
Loves to be outside
Water Hose

Recent Milestones:
Makes 3-word sentences
Can now climb on our dining room chairs (yay)
Brings his shoes to us when he wants to go outside
Trys to puts our shoes on when he wants to go outside


Getting a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter is an inexpensive way to carryout the theme in different areas.  I got this one from Amazon. Get it here.

Do you have any other cute Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Ideas to share?

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August 6, 2017