Back to work after double mastectomy

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Wow….what a week! I’m not sure where to even start with this post. This girl gets to put on her big girl pants and go back to work! I think I’m more mentally ready than I am physically. A double mastectomy is no walk in the park when it comes to recovery.  However, I’m excited to go back to work for many reasons. One being that we have some exciting things going on and I can’t wait to get back in the middle of it all! When you’re in marketing, no day is the same, so I have no idea what I’ll be walking into.

My plan for going back to work

I have been taking small naps throughout the day since my surgery. Obviously, there will be no napping for me once I go back to work.  I’ll only be working part-time tomorrow and Friday but I’m sure I’ll be exhausted come 8pm. The first couple weeks back will be hard but with a flexible schedule, I think the transition will be much easier. It will be weird going back to work after my double mastectomy, but it’s all in my head.  On a good note, I’m looking forward to our Friday night as we will be going to a little carnival here in Brandon called  November Fest. I’m such a dork but I truly am looking forward to it. Both Justin and I are nerdy like that. We may love it more than Gianna. But whats not to love? Family time, memories, rides, fun houses, beer, elephant ears….need I say more??

Other happenings

Now to the not so fun parts. Gianna got an infection again this past Monday (same one for the second time). She’s doing much better and it has cleared up tremendously thanks to antibiotics and some cream that I can’t even pronounce. Staph infections are no joke and this is the second one she’s had in the last two months. We also have a very close family member that was admitted into ICU last night. If you don’t mind please keep her in your prayers. It’s very serious but also lovely to see family come together for the ones they love.  Radiation starts next week. On to the next lap in the marathon.

Did I mention I got my port removed Tuesday???? I’m so happy! It was really noticeable on me and Florida weather calls for tank tops- even in the October & November months!

Sweet dreams-this girl has a career to go on with tomorrow!

Obviously I'm the only one who took Halloween seriously in this pic! haha!

Obviously I’m the only one who took Halloween seriously in this pic! haha!

November 7, 2013
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    Just read your blog. Inspirational. You go, GIRL!

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