Ebates – a Legit Money Saver for the Non-Couponer

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Couponing is this really great money saver that I suck at!  It takes too much time and I always forget to bring them with me when going shopping.  However, this past year I committed to two money saving apps- Ibotta and Ebates. They are legit and provide the best cash-back earnings. Best of all – it takes very minimal time and the money gets deposited straight to my bank account! For this post I’m going to only review Ebates & show you some of my payouts.

Is Ebates worth it? Yes!

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Here’s how to start:

While there are many online shopping portals, in my opinion, Ebates is the easiest and most seamless.  This year I’ve received $175.80 (and that’s with me using it when I remember).  Ebates offers coupons and cash back for a variety of retailers including Amazon, Macy’s, PiperLime, eBay, L.L. Bean, Nordstrom and Sephora.  Some categories include: health & beauty, travel/vacation, sports, baby and toys. Hotel booking sites and other hotel chains are also on the list!  In addition to getting cash back you are still able to get your rewards points for that particular retailer. It’s super easy to get started:

    1.  Register here with your email address and with this link you will receive $10
    2.  Download the app.  You can download the Ebates app for either iOS or Android devices
    3.  Shop on sista!

To make things even easier, you can directly add the Ebates button to your browser toolbar so as you shop you can directly activate your Ebates cash-back.  There’s also a new feature that gives you in-store cash back. As of this post there are around 25  stores eligible for in-store cash back.

How long before you get paid?

Every three months, your purchases are added up, then you get paid a month and a half later. For example, purchases from January 1st through March 31st are counted as one shopping period. Money will be deposited into your PayPal account or by check.

This is a no-brainer!

Ebates is great for money tip

There’s pretty much no reason NOT to use Ebates. You can cash it out quarterly, use it as a savings account or save up year around and use it for Christmas shopping!  This screen shot shows some of the cash back I’ve earned in 2016.

So, is Ebates worth it? If you’re going to spend the money anyway, you might as well make some of it back! Yes, it’s worth it!


Don’t forget to register here and you will receive $10.  Get up to $75 for referring three friends. If you refer just one friend they get $10 and you get $25.




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November 5, 2016
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