First Time Creating A Vision Board & Reflecting on 2017

first time creating vision board kids

It’s hard to believe that we are in the second month of 2018. I’ve been reading a lot about visualization and the influence it can have in our lives. Many successful CEOs, entrepreneurs (ahem, Oprah) create vision boards. Since it was my first time creating a vision board I thought it would be fun for my 8-year-old daughter to do one too.


But first, I believe you have to reflect back and remember the good things that happened and learn from the bad things. I reflected back on 2017.

The Good

  • I became a stay-at-home Mom.
  • My spirituality grew tremendously. I’ve spent more time in prayer, meditation and probably even more Sunday mornings in church than I did in 2016.
  • Without a formal “work” title, I found who I am and what I’m truly passionate about. Often times, working in the corporate world helps us hide behind a title or company name. My passion is helping people build their business with social media and creative marketing strategies.
  • I embraced the fact that less is more and I started to ruthlessly declutter my home. From the junk drawer in the kitchen to the clothes in my closet. Clutter = anxiety
  • My Mom, daughter and I spent an amazing time in California during the Summer. Little did any of us know, it was last time we would see my Aunt.
  • I was asked by Moffitt to speak at 3 different speaking engagements. Eeek!
  • I actually went through with all three of them!!
  • Another year passed with a clean bill of health.
  • My children are healthy and thriving.
  • My Sister found an amazing guy! I’m not talking Marriage yet, but he is special enough to have freed her from a lingering, not so good on/off relationship of almost 10 years.


  • My Aunt passed away. She was my Mom’s little sister and my favorite Aunt. I know I’m probably not suppose to say that since I have been blessed with many Aunts. However, my Aunt Irma deserves this shout out.
  • Not long after my Aunt passed my Grandmother passed.
  • Seeing my Mom mourn her sister.
  • More health issues started arising with my Dad.
  • When I first started my business, there were days that I was paralyzed by fear.  Analysis by paralysis.
  • I had some major panic attacks in the beginning of 2017 when a pain in my lower back wouldn’t subside. For most people this wouldn’t be a big deal but survivors have to deal with the fear of recurrence and it tends to heighten at the onset of any lingering pain in the body.
  • Our yearly beach trip was cancelled thanks to Hurricane Irma. Thankfully, I’m very grateful that we had very minimal damage.
  • Two classmates from high school lost their life to cancer.  They were kind and amazing Mothers.

Why I wanted to create a vision board

I’m sure many of you have already heard of vision boards (sometimes called dream boards). It’s part of the Law of Attraction philosophy but it can also be used for personal development. There’s something to be said about the power of visualization. I remember hearing about athletes using visualization as a training strategy but I never thought it could apply to me. It was’t until my cancer diagnosis when I really started to learn about how to apply visualization strategies and the power that positive affirmations has on the mind.

Vision boards are a collection of images that represent your goals and the life you envision for yourself in the future. Acorns and Lemonade has a great post on how to create your own vision board.


How to Create a Powerful Vision Board


For now, I just wanted to share the vision boards that Gianna and I created. She really loved the idea and it was such a fun activity to do together! Gianna shares my love for Pinterest, DIY and pretty much anything creative so she really liked writing her goals down on her journal and then decoration her board.

My 2018 goals divided into 4 categories: Personal, Family, Health and Business. While I’m not going to go into all the goals that goes under each category, here are some that are represented in my 2018 vision board.


First time creating vision board


I want to start running again. I could probably count the number of times I went running last year which is a huge difference from past years. At the very least I was running 5 – 10 miles/week so I’m aiming for that this year. 

Look closely and you see that Disney World is a part of both our vision boards. We haven’t been to Disney World since Trace was born. In fact,  I was barely 12 weeks pregnant the last time we saw Mickey and friends.  We normally go at least once or twice a year so now that Trace is 2.5, it’s time. 

Motherhood – I want to be more loving, encouraging and less consumed with what society or others say parenting should look like.

These are some of Gianna’s goals. I love how simple they are, don’t you?

To swim with dolphins

Eat healthier 

Disney World 

Start running (her words, not mine)

This is her below working on her board. You gotta love that big A+ in the middle.


2018 Vision BOARD FOR Kids



If there’s one major lesson that kept re-surfacing for me last year (sometimes smacking me in the face) it is this, keep moving towards your goals every single day no matter how small the task. A year from now I will be writing about 2018. I hope it will be filled lots of joyful memories, life lessons, personal achievements and more gratitude than the last.

Happy 2018!





February 9, 2018
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