Guest Post from my BFF

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Below is a guest post from my bff-Manda!

Soooo… I am the infamous Manda who is so lucky to have one of the most amazing woman I know in my life… since 6th grade. It feels like yesterday we were two little 6th graders that thought we were so grown up and the only worries we

Picture of Mandy and Me in 08'

Picture of Mandy and Me in 08′

whose house we were going to stay out, or what movie we were going to watch that would keep me awake… (Rocky Horror Picture Show HAHAHA) Now a days, some of our memories, that I wouldn’t say is so much fun, but we made the best of the moments, is sitting with you during your treatments. I didn’t get to sit with you during all your treatments, but the times that I have, have been so memorable. I think we laughed so much that we forgot you were being infused… or at least I forgot. lol No matter what is going on, for the time we are together, we just forget about the world. I love you…. I love US even more!!! XOXO

September 10, 2013
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